Hi, I am Kate. I feel like I should begin with a few admissions…

This site will only ever scrape the surface of our climate crisis. Facts and statistics found on this platform are not my own. I am not a scientist, or scholar. At best I am a lobbyist, and at worst, an overzealous activist. I will, however, share compelling information and continue to pass along my own school of thought on issues I find important.

I began my public activism in 2013, simply by sharing poaching-related articles to my Facebook page. By the time I had finished my undergrad, I (by accident) ended up with a minor in sustainability and realized the importance our planet held in my heart. Thus began my continued public activism, which later turned into #sundayclimateservice. Now, here we are — my desire to spread awareness no longer limited to 2200 characters.

My purpose in creating this blog is to have a space for those who care about the environment and future of our world, but may not know where to even start with a protection plan, data analysis, or general awareness. You will find many types of information on this platform; from articles written by me, to articles written by others and shared by me, as well as climate books/reviews, and links to important news headlines. I will also incorporate quick and relatively easy ways to slowly move toward a zero-waste lifestyle.

Please feel free to reach out with comments, suggestions, or questions. I look forward to hearing from you!